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Members Benefits


ANMN seeks partnership and collaborations with organizations of various kinds, philanthropists,  member organizations who its goals align with ours, for development of nursing and midwifery sector in Africa


ANMN make a number of scholarships available to provide professional development opportunities for nursing and midwifery professionals who are of African origin. 

Lookout for scholarship announcements!!


One of our core values is to support our member’s career development as well as professional development, hence the opportunity for mentorship programmes for members.


Coming soon!! Lookout for our certification programmes!!

Education and Exchange Programmes for Nurses and Midwives 

Our members in both organizational and individual level benefits from varieties of educational programmes in online and physical forms with Exchange programme formed between ANMN and other established organizations where our members and members staff have the opportunity to learn from our partners programmes.

 Memberships Benefits

Individual membership Benefits

ANMN active members receive ANMN News-Letters, ANMN membership publications . The ANMN members receive a discount on the subscription for all publication of the African Nurses and Midwifery Network journal and Magazines, published by the ANMN.

ANMN members are entitled to reduced fees at seminars, conferences, and classes and courses given by the ANMN. This includes local, regional, and international programs. When Continuing Education Units are applicable, an appropriate certificate is issued.

The ANMN members who attend conferences, seminars, and classes receive a Certificate of Attendance from the ANMN. For individuals attending courses sponsored by the ANMN, a Certificate of Completion is issued upon completion of the course(s).

The ANMN members receive special hotel rates and assistance when attending safety programs, conferences, etc., sponsored by the ANMN.

ANMN member will participate in trainings such as innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship trainings with subsidized fees or free

ANMN provides all members with a membership certificate for display on their office wall or use for other career purposes.

Corporate and organizational membership

  • Networking opportunities

Connect with other nurses and Midwives across the world who are of African origin, ANMN provides you the opportunity to exchange knowledge with colleagues and foster partnership between individuals and corporate nursing led organizations

  • Professional development

ANMN give its members training and certification programmes as well as career advancement programmes. ANMN offer online courses free of cost or for a subsidized fee to its members and establish the continuing education credits by the licensing boards.  ANMN give access to research material and industry information for its members

ANMN Presents corporate organizations and its staff the opportunity to participate in our sponsored Trainings for corporate nursing organizations also opportunity to receive resources and Grants through ANMN

ANMN awards a Certificate of Corporate Membership to the corporations, companies, and other entities paying the ANMN membership.